Tag: risk management

May 6, 2020

Trading for beginners: The road ahead

Trading for beginners is a difficult subject to write. I think its like writing medicine for beginners. One thing that we should be clear about when we begin trading is that this is not investing. The time frame that is better to look for is short duration. But then again when we say short duration, how long? How Long – The Timeframe: The first thing […]

April 26, 2020

Is technical analysis bullshit? or is it bullseye?

Is Technical Analysis bullshit? A lot of people seem to have an opinion that technical analysis is bullshit or useless. But do they know what even technical analysis is. Technical Analysis is a statistical representation of data, and nothing else. Ultimately it falls on you on how you use it. A lot of people attribute their failure to the uselessness of technical analysis and call […]

April 23, 2020

Risk Management, appetite for loss

Risk Management:- First we need to define what risk is before we can think of how to manage it. For a stock/commodity/futures trader, the risk is obvious, the money. Every trade has a potential to make money as well as lose money. If we believe market is random, every trade will have an equal potential to lose or to make money. Now we want to […]