DinVyapari Mobile App
May 4, 2021

The DinVyapari Mobile App

By equrve

DinVyapari mobile app was built over the last month for quick market snapshots and over view while on the run. It was a good opportunity I got the learn something new and made something useful in the process.

The DinVyapari app is a simple app that contains the following features:

  1. Heatmaps of Indexes
  2. Heatmaps of Stocks inside the indexes when you click on an index
  3. A small heapmap section for the world markets.
  4. Snap shot of Nifty Pre open
  5. Sector wise pie chart which displays how each sector is doing with respect to others at a moment.

More features coming soon in which primary at the time of writing this is the Option Chain Open Interest analysis for calls and puts.

Nifty has been sideways and my drawdowns have been continuing so this something was a positive feel to tackle it.

Download Link of DinVyapari Mobile App

The features of the app will come as a separate site too soon hopefully. And iOS launch plan depends on the kind of feedback I get for this. Please try it out and let me know how do you like/dislike it. Any suggestions for improvements are welcome.

DinVyapari Mobile App
DinVyapari Mobile App

There are also charts when you click on a stock or index. The charts are not a very important aspect of the app at the moment, so they are not very good. But they do what is to be done. Show you what is happening.

The is mostly fetched from NSE website. So it is not real time and can lag by the amount of time data on the NSE website lags. Really excited to hear all your views and reviews.