Social Traders: Trading Chat Rooms India

Trading Chat Rooms in India are generally a place of spam. With most users sharing links to promote their products or selling their online courses and seminars. Social Traders is a very different place. This a more like a co working pace for traders than chat rooms for traders.

Hey There, you can join our online group on slack. We are a small group of close knit traders. The discussions range from markets, politics, movies, TV series, science, paranormal, UFOs, ghosts or anything under the sun and beyond. We try to stay away from discussing religion but sometimes we end up doing the same. 

Please do not join us if you are offended easily. This is alike a small workplace where we exist as co workers. Trading can be a lonely job. The aim of this forum is to reduce the loneliness. Fill in the below form and we will send you an invitation link. There are no costs involved, but there are 2 rules of fight club, I mean our trading group.

  1. You have to be active in discussions. Inactive users are removed
  2. You have to be active in discussions. Inactive users are removed

You do not have to be an expert, do not have to be novice, just be social and respectful. Though the later is not so necessary.

 Fill the form below to get going

Trading Chat Rooms in India - Social Traders

What not to expect?

  • This is not a tips room, so do not expect stock tips.
  • No hand holding
  • No seminars/webinars
  • This is not a place for advertising your products. If you want to sell something please stay away and free us from the burden of removing you

What to expect?

  • A lot of bakchodi at the right times.
  • Silence at the wrong times.
  • A little bit of quarrel.
  • Some hardcore fistfight.
  • A lot of drama though no melodrama.

The goal of the room is most to kill the loneliness of day traders who generally do not have colleagues. We are friends and this is a form to get into our friend circle.

Most trading chat rooms in india currently have turned into a garbage dumping ground. This is not that place.