Category: General Trading

August 17, 2023

RSI Price Divergence Trading Strategy

RSI Price Divergence is one of the widely spoken about but seldom used strategy. Though it is a very powerful Setup. This method is more of a setup and the entries and exits needs to be defined separately. As we all know RSI is a momentum indicator. So when RSI Diverges with price movement, it indicates that momentum is getting weaker in the direction of […]

July 20, 2023

The Right way to use RSI Indicator

RSI Indicator is one of the most misused indicators as per me. RSI is supposed to tell us the strength of a security, instead people use it to use the strength as weakness. When RSI is above 80, the momentum is very bullish and similarly when RSI is below 20, momentum is very bearish. And the general school of thought with using RSI is to […]

June 13, 2021

Calculate Charges for NFO and CDS Futures Trading

The attached code can be used to auto calculate charges for trades. Can be used for back testing or in live scenarios. The method used here works for zerodha and can be easily modified to match any other brokers. All charges remain same except the brokerage and taxes on brokerage. This script is in javascript as I have automated my system in nodejs, But can […]

May 4, 2021

The DinVyapari Mobile App

DinVyapari mobile app was built over the last month for quick market snapshots and over view while on the run. It was a good opportunity I got the learn something new and made something useful in the process. The DinVyapari app is a simple app that contains the following features: Heatmaps of Indexes Heatmaps of Stocks inside the indexes when you click on an index […]

October 7, 2020

My move from Day Trading to “Trading for a living”

Trying to move from day trading to trading for a living. My day trading system worked well and generated approx 60 percent returns in 5 months which is seems like a good enough result. But then a few things were bothering me which made me rethink and brought be back my drawing board a little. The problem The first thing I realised was that while […]

May 6, 2020

Trading for beginners: The road ahead

Trading for beginners is a difficult subject to write. I think its like writing medicine for beginners. One thing that we should be clear about when we begin trading is that this is not investing. The time frame that is better to look for is short duration. But then again when we say short duration, how long? How Long – The Timeframe: The first thing […]

April 30, 2020

My Intraday Trading Results with Compounding

Did this experiment till end of August. Result sheet is attached at bottom. Approx 60 percent returns were generated by trading both USDINR and NIFTY Futures intraday using same capital and fixed 3 percent risk of capital per trade. Currently working on trading for a living experiment. This is my personal Intraday Trading Results. It is an experiment with compounding that I have just started […]

April 26, 2020

Is technical analysis bullshit? or is it bullseye?

Is Technical Analysis bullshit? A lot of people seem to have an opinion that technical analysis is bullshit or useless. But do they know what even technical analysis is. Technical Analysis is a statistical representation of data, and nothing else. Ultimately it falls on you on how you use it. A lot of people attribute their failure to the uselessness of technical analysis and call […]

April 21, 2020

Mechanical Trading. Trading the randomness

Mechanical Trading can be defined as “a form of trading when a trade is taken based solely on pre-defined signals and any kind of intuitions or discretion is not used “. When trading stocks and futures markets, mechanical trading should be the first step and also the last for most traders. Mechanical trading is easy to learn, and discipline is the key. Most traders do […]