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May 3, 2020

Pivot Points Intraday Trading Strategy [Breakout]

Pivot Point Intraday Trading Strategy [Breakout]: This as the name suggests is a intraday trading system using pivot points. Pivot Points are one of the more popular indicators when it comes to intraday trading. In this post we will show you a totally mechanical system based approach to trade Pivot Points. Just a point to note that, this system is not back tested by me, […]

April 30, 2020

My Intraday Trading Results with Compounding

Did this experiment till end of August. Result sheet is attached at bottom. Approx 60 percent returns were generated by trading both USDINR and NIFTY Futures intraday using same capital and fixed 3 percent risk of capital per trade. Currently working on trading for a living experiment. This is my personal Intraday Trading Results. It is an experiment with compounding that I have just started […]

April 21, 2020

Mechanical Trading. Trading the randomness

Mechanical Trading can be defined as “a form of trading when a trade is taken based solely on pre-defined signals and any kind of intuitions or discretion is not used “. When trading stocks and futures markets, mechanical trading should be the first step and also the last for most traders. Mechanical trading is easy to learn, and discipline is the key. Most traders do […]